WGS84 projection

This is the download page of the TOCOMEE dataset in WGS84 projection (Latitude / Longitude / Altitude).

ECEF complete dataset

Complete TOCOMEE (WGS84) crude resolution dataset, visualized in in Blender

Download: Select a tile from a subsection for a .zip archive with full, intermediate and crude resolution in X3D format.

e180n045 e135n045 e090n045 e045n045 w000n045 w045n045 w090n045 w135n045
e180n000 e135n000 e090n000 e045n000 w000n000 w045n000 w090n000 w135n000
e180s045 e135s045 e090s045 e045s045 w000s045 w045s045 w090s045 w135s045
e180s090 e135s090 e090s090 e045s090 w000s090 w045s090 w090s090 w135s090
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